Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the story of the bike-abago.

if you have read my earlier entries, then you might have come across my made up term of bike-a-bago. this is a little trailer that i found in a second hand childrens clothing and accessories store here in newport.  i went in to ask the owner, how much he usually sold them for on the rare occasions that he got them in. it turned out that he had one in his stores attic, and it had been there for over 2 years, because he did not have time to put it together. he said "since its taking up room in my attic, i well sell it to you for $15.00". WOW!!! these things cost over $250.00 new. i told him that i currently did not have any money but that i would be back with it as soon as i could.  the store owner said " i trust you to come back with the money" and he just handed me the trailer, just like that. i explained my situation to him, that i am currently unemployed, and it might be awhile before i could pay him. he said , this thing has been taking up room in my attic, for a long time. you are the first person to inquire about it so you can have it now, i trust you to come back". well, at first my plans for the trailer, were to travel in a generally south-westerly direction. but have come to see the value in a trailer for a small, but legal, and 99% profit business. i spend my free time at night, riding around picking up aluminum cans from the street. you might think that there could never be enough cans to be worthwhile, but then you have never been in newport ky, and looked around.  these people do not have the concept of throwing cans into trash, let alone recycling them. these inbred rednecks, just throw their cans down where they finish drinking the contents (most usually beer or joose [not misspelled] - an alcohol drink) here in newport aluminum cans are currently worth sixty five cents a pound. one can is not worth alot but just keep picking them up, and you will start to see cans as free money just laying on the ground.  now i will never get rich doing this, but i feel good that i am helping my community be be a less littered place in which to live, and i am recycling an important natural resource. by the way i have made a good faith payment to the store owner of ten dollars, but i still owe him five. hope to get that paid real soon.

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