Friday, January 21, 2011

This horrible winter is all my fault....

I know that sounds weird but i am actually starting to believe that. during the late fall, i had made up my mind to pack what few meager possessions and essentials that i could into my little bike trailer (i call it the bike-a-bago), and ride to a new as yet unknown destination.  the day that i was going to leave, i got sick. it was a really bizarre illness,  it came on very suddenly, i felt very nauseous but i never threw up, however i did come to think of the porcelain throne as a bit a pesky friend what with all the times i had to perch upon it that day and night. then all of my body's energy just drained out, leaving me in a near coma like state for 2 days. i literally could do nothing but sleep, and occasionally get up to use the toilet. after a 2 day sleep, i felt almost normal again - just plain bizarre.  anyways back to why i feel that this winter is all my fault, after the illness, i decided to give myself a few days in-which to make sure i really was well. as it happened i ended up getting an interview (the software company).  after that debacle, i again decided to get on my bike and ride to points unknown. i kept telling myself that i was going to ride until i reached 70 degrees farenheit. the day that i was going to leave guess what happened.... IT SNOWED, and there has been snow on the ground almost every week since then. there have been less than seven days since then with out snow on the ground, or temperatures low enough to produce even more snow.  well its now january 21, 2011, the coldest day of the year (and coldest day in several winters around here) and i believe that yesterday i was contemplating leaving again.  now i made no decision, and i did not talk with anyone about it, just a sort of random thought. you know like...i wonder what the residential part of vegas is like.  thats it really, and then POW 11 degrees farenheit.

so to everyone in the greater cincinnati area, i am sorry for bringing upon us all this blast of polar deadlock. my friend katty, says that god means to keep me around here for some REASON.  i did not really believe in a god that took mortal affairs into consideration, but guess what, i think she just might be right. SOMETHING greater than i seems to be keeping me here.  if not god, then what else could it be???

have a good day.

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